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Old Agoura Homeowners Assn.
Old Agoura Homeowners Assn.Saturday, May 9th, 2015 at 3:53am
The Sunday after Mothers Day is our annual OA barbecue gathering.
......Special, special fun is in store this year!

As Historian of Old Agoura, I broke open the cartons of dusty historical archives and became entranced with the endless tales of our community and its' interesting footprint.

Now, at our gathering this year, we will all share in seeing old architectural plans of our home tracts throughout the ensuing years.
Hopefully, you can bring along the history of your particular home site, i.e., "homestead" -to write in on our huge oversite plan board? We are providing the lot outlines & you should fill in the ownership names as they proceeded over the years to become yours!

You would contribute to missing information of Old Agoura's growth as a community of family residences. Yes, there is our standard history of the settlers' ranches, etc., -but little beyond that.

Let's all leave our names on the history of our Old Agoura!
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Old Agoura Homeowners Assn.
Old Agoura Homeowners Assn.Friday, May 8th, 2015 at 8:58pm
Sad, that today's rain will not be meaningful enough to reverse the drought restrictions being required of us. As much as we CAN do, the following L.A.Times column points out how too much is expected of private residents while municipalities are not setting good examples-

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Old Agoura Homeowners Assn.
Old Agoura Homeowners Assn.Thursday, May 7th, 2015 at 7:30pm

For 8000 years Chumash Indians enjoyed the creeks, springs and acorns from the then Oak forest located on the meadow located behind the first dozen houses on Chesebro Road. It was more an oak forest then.

1790s Franciscans Friars put a road, now Agoura Road, through to connect the San Fernando Mission with the Ventura Mission.

Early 1800s Spanish Land Grants gave ownership of this land to Espiritu, the daughter of the Chumash chief of the Humaliwu village. Her name is still on my deed. She was taken as a servant/wife by Basque shepherd Miquel Leonis. They kept the land by virtue of the 1862 Homestead Act. Their land was broken up into several sheep and cattle ranches…Jordan (Of Fibber Magee and Molly radio fame), Agoure and Morrison who owned the Chesebro meadow.

1901 George Lewis from Chatsworth bought the ranch just west of the meadow.

In the 1920s Lewis sold to the Colodny Brothers, who broke it up into lots for up to $800/acre …the Chesebro houses on the lots next to the meadow are on those parcels. The Colodny’s named the area “Independence Acres” and named the streets after the first buyers. There was not enough ground water to support many houses. In the 1930s there were only 53 homes. Paramount Pictures bought their ranch and started calling the area “Picture City.” The meadow remained grazing land for sheep and cattle.

The Picture City Chamber of Commerce was formed at that time and was the only voice of the people with LA County.

By 1935, the 53 families living in Picture City got a Post Office and was renamed Agoura when the Government misspelled or anglicized Agoure (the local Basque shepherd), the shortest of the list of 10 possible names.

Early 1960’s 101 Freeway and Water District formed. This opened a housing boom from the late 60s to the early 80s when thousands of houses were built, but the meadow remained.

In the late 1970s a State Prison was slated for the meadow. This got people organized including the Liberty Canyon young mom Fran Pavley, now our State Senator. The newly formed Las Virgenes Homeowners Association formed and competed with the Chamber of Commerce for county attention.

In 1978 Encino real estate developer Jerry Oren bought 811 acres, including the meadow and cut down all the giant oaks, at dawn of the day before County Oak tree ordinance went into effect. Residents rushed out of their homes and were able to barricade themselves against the last giant tree that still remains. Jerry later was found guilty of falsifying the appraisal in the transaction of selling the land to the US Parks for the new Cheseboro Rec Area.

1982 City of Agoura Hills incorporated after Supervisor Mike Antonovich removed this land and all the other un-built land from the 40 square mile Las Virgenes City proposal. If you think Zev is bad, he was no match for Mike. Stranded Westlake Village quickly incorporated and Calabasas soon followed. Three Chamber of Commerce members were elected to the first Agoura city council. When they proved to be too interested in development, they were replaced at the second election.

Mid 1980s Potomac Investments wanted to build a city larger than Westlake Village and two PGA golf courses by building a 4 lane road up Chesebro to Jordan ranch. When people complained, they decided that the road would be moved on to the meadow in a trade of land up the canyon…the unbuildable portions of Jordan ranch. Everyone was resigned to this “Best Deal” except for one voice, Mary Wiesbrock and the newly formed Save Open Space.

She stopped the project in the early 1990s. The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy took over the 811 acres but these 72 acres of the meadow was removed from the public land as a last minute deal to allow entertainer Bob Hope to be paid by Potomac for his land to the north that was to be part of the proposed development. Heschel West purchased property in 1997 for $1.6mil and spent $2mil on trying to develop a school.

The 2000 LA County North Area Plan created to guide un-built land. Under that plan the meadow could have remained open space, small ranch lots or possibly local school but certainly not a regional one as proposed.

In 2007 Zev Yaroslavsky pushed Country planning to approve school against OAHOA and City’s wishes. A 2007 Meeting before Agoura Hills City Council, city allowed Zev to bully them to not fight the decision and to accept that they would pay the bulk of road widening to serve the school. OAHOA and SOS had to go it alone and have spent over $140,000 on legal fees along with many years of work by our own lawyer members working for free.

Heschel fell on hard economic times and the bank held a March 2010 court auction. City of Agoura Hills was the only bidder, spending a fraction of the money that the road construction for the Heschel school would have cost them. The bank goofed and didn’t tie together the two loans they foreclosed from Heschel and now wants to resell the other loan. They persuaded a judge to put an unprecedented hold on the purchase. The City already has title to the land and will appeal this hold in court.
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Old Agoura Homeowners Assn.
Old Agoura Homeowners Assn.Old Agoura Homeowners Assn. shared a link.Thursday, May 7th, 2015 at 7:19pm
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Old Agoura Homeowners Assn.
Old Agoura Homeowners Assn.Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 at 12:35am
Hectic schedule, so I am glad Phil Ramuno responded to inquiry in early April from Stephanie Gootgeld-Melograno-
....HOWEVER, THE DATE IS Sunday, 5/17 !!!

"The Potluck Social is on 5/15 at 28442 Driver Avenue for Association members and Old Agoura residents who wish to join us"
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